Join The “Build” Mission Group

Build Our Parish Family

Meet new friends, serve & inspire others and come closer to God through the variety of ministries, clubs, programs, and events Sacred Heart has to offer.

The Sacred Heart Men’s Club is an active fraternal organization of Sacred Heart Parish men. Our purpose is to provide a social environment for men to interact with one another while focusing upon the purpose of serving Sacred Heart Church and School. We support one another and are ready when called to provide assistance for various parish activities.
The Sacred Heart Women’s Club is a woman’s organization meeting the spiritual and social needs of women of all ages. There are no dues or membership fees and all women of the Sacred Heart Parish Community are members. 
The Young Adults Group (Y.A.G.) meets for fun, faith, service and fellowship.  Members are from a variety of backgrounds, associations   with the parish, relationships, and states of faith.
 Join the Y.L.I., an organization of Catholic women dedicated to the Christian principles of charity and love, the YLI promotes the work of the Church, supports the education of priests, encourages spiritual growth of its members, participates in charitable projects, sponsors scholarships, builds lasting friendships and hosts social activities. 
The Sacred Heart Youth Ministry group is a group where students will grow in meaningful relationships, attain a sense of support and belonging as well as an understanding of the teachings of the Church through discussion, prayer and fun group activities. This program is available to high school and jr. high students.
It takes a village — come be a part of planning a Sacred Heart favorite, our annual Carnival!