Respect For Life


First, it is not only a “political” rally but a “witness” rally. We are ALL called to be disciples of Christ Jesus, living witnesses of faith. We must take a stand to protect and respect the dignity of all human life, and to support men and women to make the right choice.

Second, it is also called a “prayer” rally. Remember, we pray for all men and women who are struggling with the responsibility given to us from God; that we must protect and nurture human life at every stage of its existence. We pray for people suffering from the loss of a child through abortion, we pray for persons with disabilities, for persons that are sick or dying, for the vulnerable, and for all children and all families with unborn children. We pray that they find hope, healing, and peace.

Lastly, through this experience, may we see and live the truth that every life is a good and a perfect gift from God and that our own lives – all our lives – are worth living.


First, you will witness many “Pro-lifers” from surrounding cities and states. You may be surprised that they come from different religion, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, but unite to support one cause, to lend a hand to all human life at every stage of its existence.

Second, you will see that not only adults come to this. Why bring children? Children need to experience and to understand, with the help of their parents and their faith formation teachers, that life begins at conception and ends naturally. We think the kids are all too young but many are not. And when the time comes we hope and pray, that they will make the informed choices for their loved ones. In addition, bringing children is a great testimony, a way of evangelization, showing the world that we care and love them for they are precious gifts from God to be treasured forever.

Lastly, of course, there will be some pro-choice protesters from the other side. However, we pray that they too may see the light of Christ Jesus through our actions. Let us continue to pray for their heart’s conversion.


The mission of the Respect Life Committee is two-fold. First, to provide an opportunity for parishioners concerned about life issues to gather and strive to make a difference. Second, to educate the parish regarding life issues, those from conception through natural death. The committee is interested in all life issues, including embryonic stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, the death penalty, abortion, physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia and war. Committee activities include prayer, education, and action. The committee communicates upcoming relevant legislation so that parishioners can contact their elected officials.


 Twice a year (during Lent and Advent) the committee invites parishioners to participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign; an ecumenical worldwide movement composed of prayer, fasting, peaceful vigil and community outreach. Volunteers gather outside abortion facilities and pray for an end to abortion and reach out to abortion bound women through counseling and referral to crisis pregnancy centers. Many hearts have been converted and babies saved through prayers and sidewalk counseling. Very often these gatherings extend beyond the campaign to year round practices.

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