Theology & Life with Fr. Robert McKay

    Fr. Robert McKay will be sharing his insights, reflections, and Catholic Teachings on a variety of subjects. Choose which topics you would like to attend. All are welcome, no need to register or RSVP.

    THURSDAY MORNINGS, 11:00am – 12:00pm

    in Sacred Heart Parish Center — Join at any time!

    Morality: Learning about Freedom
    February 1st & 8th

    Freedom is integrating one’s desires with obedience to God. When we act purposefully, we act from the core of our being, where God is, sustaining us in existence.

    Post-Resurrection Jesus
    March 1st & 8th

    A review of the earthly appearances of Jesus to his followers after his death, burial and resurrection. Believers point to them as proof of the Resurrection and His Divinity.