It all Starts With a Spark

It all starts with a spark. That spark ignites a flame that spreads to become a FIRE. The fire burns until its fuel and oxygen run out. Here’s a hint of what’s to come…we aren’t going to let them run out.

We Created F.I.R.E. To

Re-engage and re-energize our Parish community by providing inspirational opportunities to re-discover the genius of Catholicism.

F.I.R.E.  Forms, Inspires, Reveals & Evangelizes

1.   Form: Why do you believe? What do you believe? Why does knowing Jesus matter? How does Catholicism make a difference? Come find the answers & fuel your faith.

2.   Inspire: We see you out there… arms crossed, eyes glazed, thinking about football. Our F.I.R.E. programs will inspire you to discover what sparks the flame of faith in your life — our version of a Catholic touchdown.

3.   Reveal:  Revelation brings transformation. F.I.R.E. will reveal the mysteries, miracles, power and the passion of Catholicism.

4.   Evangelize: Learn how understanding and living the faith brings authenticity to your life making it easy to naturally engage others in conversation about Catholicism and act as Christians in the world.

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How Does F.I.R.E. Work?

Easy, just come to any or all of our F.I.R.E. events or programs. The more, the better. Fuel the fire, ignite your faith! Check out some of our F.I.R.E. programs below & watch for more to come!