Chain For Change:

  • Week 1: Complete one decade of the Rosary, with at least one other person in your family
  • Week 2: Introduce yourself to 3 people (you don’t know) at Mass this weekend
  • Week 3: To earn your third bead, and thereby get your first Saint Medal, we are asking all families to use the candle at least twice. Candles were distributed at our class on September 27. So, this week do at least two prayers as a family and light the candle, with adult supervision.
  • Week 4: Show a kindness by letting someone go ahead of you in line—perhaps at the Carnival this weekend
  • Week 5: October is the month of the Rosary! Pray another decade of the Rosary but this time from the Glorious Mysteries. You may choose one of the decades listed and pray for one person who you know who died because it is All Souls Day on Nov 2: 1. Resurrection of Jesus 2. Ascension of Jesus 3. Descent of the Holy Spirit 4. Assumption of Mary into Heaven or 5. Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven
  • Week 6: Pray another decade of the Rosary, but this time from the Glorious Mysteries. You may choose one of the decades listed: 1. Resurrection of Jesus 2. Ascension of Jesus 3. Descent of the Holy Spirit 4. Assumption of Mary into Heaven or 5. Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven. All Souls Day is Nov. 2. Pray for one person you know who has died.
  • Week 7: One day this week visit the Adoration Chapel, which is located to the right of the Parish Center entrance and open until 10 pm. Say a silent prayer thanking God for 10 things (family, food, friends, etc.)
  • Week 8: Go to and watch one video.
  • Week 9: Do two acts of kindness at home like give everyone who lives at home a hug, share your toys with a sibling, take some time and play if you have a sibling, help mom or dad with dinner, dishes and say some prayers for the people of France.
  • Week 10:If you have an Advent Wreath light the second candle. If you don’t, just light two candles and read from the Gospel of Luke chapter 3 verses 1-6. It is about John the Baptist preparing for Jesus’ coming. John calls us to repent- to repent measn to turn around and for su it means turn away from doing wrong. So think about three things you have doen that you are sorry for and one thing you can do, like clean your room, help take out the trash or write your parents a letter or poem.
  • Week 11: Continue to light the Advent wreath and if you have no Advent wreath, light 3 candles. This week we light the pink candle because we are rejoicing as we near the end of Advent. As we light the candles, take a moment and share one way you are preparing to get closer to Jesus during this Advent season. How have you succeeded and how can you improve?
  • Week 12: Sing a Christmas carol with one other person or your family. If you don’t know the words to a Christmas carol, find one online. A Christmas carol is a song about the birth of Jesus – Santa Clause, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer are Christmas songs but not Christmas carols.
  • Week 13: Write an email or a letter to your godparents. If you don’t have the address, write a letter to a grandparent. In you letter, write why they are important to you, why you believe in God and write a short prayer of thanks.
  • Week 14: This week take time to open the book At Home With the Word (the book we gave out last month that has the Sunday readings). Read the Gospel for the coming week and discuss it as a family. Also, if you have the bookmark which was enclosed, answer one of the hose questions.
  • Week 15: Choose one of your saint medals on your chain. Have your parents help you google their name, and find
    out who they were and what they did.
  • Week 16: When you go to church this week, stop by either the statue of Mary or the Holy Family at the back of church to light a candle (with your parents), and say a short prayer for your family, Fr. Gary and Pope Francis.
  • Week 17: This is the final act-of-faith!  Since Lent has begun, we would like you to think of one person in your class or a person you know who is not nice, and write a prayer for them and place it into the prayer wall in church.

F.I.R.E. Faith Formation & Speaker Series

F.I.R.E. Faith Formation is our catechetical program for grades 1-12, which includes the Decision Point Confirmation Program. We meet twice-a-month as a group during the F.I.R.E. Speaker Series, and also in small classroom settings. F.I.R.E. includes family activities at home and monthly special outings with your child/youth.


1.   Form: Why do you believe? What do you believe? Why does knowing Jesus matter? How does Catholicism make a difference? Come find the answers & fuel your faith.

2.   Inspire: We see you out there… arms crossed, eyes glazed, thinking about football. Our F.I.R.E. programs will inspire you to discover what sparks the flame of faith in your life — our version of a Catholic touchdown.

3.   Reveal:  Revelation brings transformation. F.I.R.E. will reveal the mysteries, miracles, power and the passion of Catholicism.

4.   Evangelize: Learn how understanding and living the faith brings authenticity to your life making it easy to naturally engage others in conversation about Catholicism and act as Christians in the world.

Learn more about F.I.R.E. Click here.

First Communion

This is a two-year program, which begins in first grade, in order to prepare our children to receive Jesus into their hearts at Communion. See the calendar (select Faith Formation) for important First Communion dates.